Pulawski (1991) stands out with his virtuoso guitar skills and the freedom with which his compositions move. Despite being overcome by the romanticism he is certainly not avoiding the confrontation with challenging, vague improvisations. In the shadow of the jazz tradition he’s dosing his jazzy orchestral chord work with the melodic, sharp solos, where his fabulous techique calls up the memories of the legedary Wim Overgaauw.

Erno Elsinga, Jazzenzo, November 2017

Mateusz has been an active guitarist in the Dutch and the European jazz scene for many years. In 2012 he’s graduated with Distinction from the WSJiMR Conservatory in Wroclaw, Poland and in 2016 he’s finished Conservatorium van Amsterdam with a high grade.

photo: Adriana Wierzba

Like a common thread there runs the moon through Mateusz’s music. Therefore the composer and guitarist Mateusz Pulawski founded the Lunar Quartet and with this group he released his debut album ‘Half Moon Heart’ in December 2014, which got him the attention of the jazz press and radio stations inside and oustide of The Netherlands.

Guitarist Pulawski accompanies with splendid harmonies and a lot of jazz feeling. In his solos he is sharp and melodious and he alternates between single-note lines and chords.

Jan Jasper Tamboer, Het Parool, August 2014

As a bandleader Pulawski has released 7 albums so far, whereas the latest one- “The 13th Heron”, recorded and produced together with YenTing Lo, came out in October 2020 and has been getting many enthousiastic reactions since. Furthermore, for the past years Mateusz Pulawski has been touring in the Netherlands (i.a. in Bimhuis, ‘t Concertgebouw, Paradox, Lantaren Venster), Belgium, France, Germany and Poland. Mateusz is also an experienced educator having worked for 13 years at diverse music schools in the NL, giving lessons and workshops in guitar, bass, piano, band playing, music theory and even singing. Moreover Pulawski has been active in the field of audio recording, mixing and music production since 2006 and professionally so for the last 5 years. His latest album “The 13th Heron” showcases myriad of Pulawski’s talents.

Discography (as leader):

Discography (as sideman):

  • Leah Kline This ‘Precious Life’ (2015) (Spotify)
  • Deborah J. Carter ‘Diggin’ The Duke!’ (2015) (Spotify)
  • Karsu ‘Colors’ (2015) (Spotify)
  • Deborah J. Carter ‘Blowin’ In The Wind – Single’ (2017) (Spotify)
  • Frank Paavo ‘Jazz Painter’ (2017) (Spotify)
  • Frank Paavo ‘Frankly Speaking’ (2022) (Spotify)


  • Finalist of the ‘Jazz Nad Odra 2012’ competition in Wroclaw in Poland
  • Finalist of the ‘Jazz Nad Odra 2013’ competition in Wroclaw in Poland
  • Semi-Finalist of the ‘Keep an Eye International Jazz Award 2014’ competition in Amsterdam
  • Incentive Prize in the ‘Keep an Eye International Jazz Award 2015’ competition in Amsterdam
  • Third Prize in the ‘Dortse Sena Jazzprijs 2015’ in Dordrecht

The most important venues in the Netherlands where Pulawski performed:

  • Bimhuis (Amsterdam),
  • ‘t Concertgebouw (Amsterdam),
  • North Sea Jazz Club (Amsterdam),
  • LantarenVenster (Rotterdam),
  • Bird (Rotterdam),
  • Paradox (Tilburg),
  • Gitaarsalon (Enkhuizen),
  • Brinkhuis (Laren),
  • Cultuurschip Thor (Zwolle),
  • Miles (Amersfoort),
  • Goethe Instituut (Amsterdam),
  • Goois Jazz Festival (Bussum),
  • Meerjazz Festival (Hoofddorp),
  • Grachtenfestival (Amsterdam),
  • Jazzdag (Rotterdam),
  • Big Rivers Festival (Dordrecht),
  • Jazz in de Gracht Festival (Den Haag)

Passion and irresistible experience. His music, settled in the acoustic jazz genre, is a pure flow of emotions reinforced by skillful play of the fellow musicians over a deeply grounded structure. Based on respect to the tradition, the mutual vision on music soars towards the freedom of expression and interpretation. That togetherness breaks all the existing limits and connects improvising musicians with listeners, enriching both sides.

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photo: Jaap van der Plas