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The 13th Heron

What’s the secret of herons? – They always come back.

This album is a metaphorical journey set off from home, in search of the place to be. From boat on the sea to land, crossing the atmosphere; to the moon, the sun, and then further into space. Will herons come back this time?

What’s the secret of the 13th? – That was a lunar mission that didn’t land on the moon as planned, it looped around and returned home instead.

The music on “13th Heron” is as eclectic as the story behind and the lyrics are sprawling. The main attitude behind the compositions and performance of YenTing and Mateusz is jazz, but the mood and style of the tunes goes from hip-hop and neo soul, through folk, rock, modern brazilian and world music, all the way to classical, serialism and, to top it all off, fusion of all the abovementioned genres.