Mateusz Pulawski Lunar Quartet

Staight-up romanticism in effortless virtuoso jazz

Mateusz Pulawski Lunar Quartet was established in July 2013 in Amsterdam.

Currently, the band’s line-up is:

  • Mateusz Pulawski (guitar)
  • Henning Luther (drums)
  • Thomas Winther Andersen (double bass)
  • Nicolo Ricci (tenor sax)

The lunar quartet in many ways is a romantic band. We’re seeking an emotional connection with the listener. We represent the individualism in music. We base our tunes on the non-musical content, very often on the influence of the moon on our lives. Our message is pure and gets received by the audience. The jazz we are making is tailored for everybody who doesn’t only crave beautiful sounds but also the stirring, images and an extraordinary aesthetic. In one word – art.

Mateusz Pulawski


(Extra) Ordinary Songs (2018)

The latest album of Mateusz Pulawski Lunar Quartet contains 8 original compositions by the guitarist and the leader of the group, that form a sort of journal from his solo travels. The CD has been recorded in summer 2017 during the band’s tour in Poland and Germany, featuring one of the most talented young Polish alto players, Wojciech Lichtański. (Extra) Ordinary Songs combines the simplicity within the songs with the complexity of four musicians improvising together.

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Change Of Seasons (2016)

Change of Seasons consists of 9 tracks that all tell an own, personal story. Some of the compositions come from the Polish Days, while the others were written in here Amsterdam. “The change of seasons is a symbol of the change in Mateusz’s life, after overcoming some big troubles.” says Hendrik Mueller, the bassplayer of the Mateusz Pulawski Lunar Quartet. Together with the tenor saxophonists Itai Weissman and Fernando Sanchez, the drummer Henning Luther and the singer Esther Van Hees there is a strong inteaction between virtuoso imrpovisations and melodies with the deeply based groove created. The band will make some jazz that is suitable for everybody that not only seeks beautiful sounds, but also emotions and extraordinary aesthetics.

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Half Moon Heart (2014)

Half Moon Heart, the debut album of the group came out in December 2014 and consists of 5 tracks by the leader, as well as a composition by Joe Zawinul. Two of Pulawski’s originals are also featured in vocal version, sung by a Belgian singer Esther Van Hees, who also wrote the lyrics. The music is delicate and tranquil, yet vibrant and endowed with enegry that every listener can relate to in one.

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